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What Topics We Are Covering

Pick Up

Pick Up

How to approach her — wherever she is.



Discover the secrets that will make women want you, chase you, and call you back every time. We will cover online dating too.



Learn TOP SECRETS for how to become an alpha male.



Everything about one of the most intense act.

Self Improvement


How to be a better person in all aspects and not be a Douchebag 🙂

Body Language

Body Language

Understanding and using nonverbal communication, speech patterns, and vocal tones.

Let´s recap everything:

What you will learn:

  • How to attract women

  • How to get them in bed very fast

  • How to let them experience the best sex ever

  • How to handle groups of women

  • What is and how to use Body language

  • How to improve your personality

  • How to get most of online dating

  • What and how women think

  • How to keep your relationships

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  • Immediate access

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  • Support for resume downloading

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And many more…

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Latest Downloads – Updates

Influence Academy – Magnetic Openings

January 18th, 2018|

    Roberto Monaco - Magnetic Openings: How to Attract, Engage and Retain Your Audience from the Beginning If you plan to get in front of a camera or crowd, this is a killer program. [...]

Ross Jeffries – New Code – The Next Generation

January 15th, 2018|

    Get My "Next Generation" Teaching From My July 30th and 31st London, UK Live 3-Day Seminar, And Learn The Lazy Man's Way To Getting Laid, So Quickly And Easily, You'll Think "God Damn, [...]

Ross Jeffries – Daygame Mastery and Mindset Monster

January 15th, 2018|

  Become A Daytime Pick Up Master, Get Women Dripping With My Never-Before-Taught Seduction Language Patterns, And Have A "Crush It" Mindset For Wild Success In Every Area Of Your Life! Imagine living a life [...]

XTrain Workouts

January 11th, 2018|

    Get in the Best Shape of Your Life! XTrain is the ultimate total body fitness conditioning program that has been designed to crush calories, incinerate fat and work and tone your muscles like [...]

Weider – X-Factor ST 8 Week Training Program

January 6th, 2018|

    Engage major muscles for continued results and maximize your workout with high-intensity 90-second sequence training. Perform intense exercises for 90 seconds followed by a strength-training movement or rest period. Then follow with another [...]

Sam Visnic – Back To Stability Program – End Your Back Pain Now

January 6th, 2018|

    Using A Scientifically Designed Movement Program You Can Literally Get Your Life Back From Chronic Back Pain! In as little as 15 minutes per day, you can get relief, save thousands of dollars, [...]

Carlos Xuma – Secrets of the Alpha Man – Platinum

January 1st, 2018|

    This program offers high-quality coaching, tips, exercises, examples, and strategies for you to develop the skills and confidence you need to meet single women. Killer Techniques To Attract Women With Your NATURAL Alpha [...]

RSD Tyler – Hot Seat At Home – Home Evolve Edition FULL

December 26th, 2017|

For The First Time Ever - Get The Hot Seat… @ HOME     Here is what you will experience inside The Hot Seat at Home: Discover the ROOT BEHAVIORS that trigger all female attraction [...]

Jason Capital – 3 Shortcuts to Stop Giving a Fck

December 25th, 2017|

      3 SHORTCUTS To Truly Stop Giving A F*ck In 10 Seconds Or Less! Demonstrated and Explained In Full Detail. You'll get it immediately. Complete Instructions For When and How To Use The [...]

Gabe – The Attraction Formulas

December 21st, 2017|

  WHAT IF YOU KNEW EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY AND DO TO MAKE ANY WOMAN ATTRACTED TO YOU PREDICTABLY AND CONSISTENLY! The Attraction Formulas are the algorithms for attracting women, they contain the set of [...]

Occam’s Razor – Ultimate Seduction System (Platinum)

December 18th, 2017|

    Do you feel overwhelmed by all the pick-up content out there? Are you fed up with endless contradicting concepts? Are you tired of fake “gurus” who keep failing you? If you answered Yes [...]

Arash Dibazar – Deja Vu

December 18th, 2017|

    You will believe: We all have created an identity throughout our life. In many cases the identity was given to us by our parents, friends and society. It was build on certain values [...]

RSD Madison – Boss (UPDATED)

December 14th, 2017|

    The Best Product For Harnessing Your Inner Game, Applying it in the Field, and Expanding it to the Rest of Your Life BOSS is the EXPRESSION of INNER GAME “What does inner game [...]

Carlos Xuma – Natural Attraction Blueprint – Black Belt Coaching

December 11th, 2017|

      Your Foolproof Dating Plan - Custom Fit For YOU: How To Overcome Your Shyness & Fear, How To Approach ANY Woman With Your Own Custom-Built Blueprint, And Walk Away With A Date… [...]

Ross Jeffries – Stealth Persuasion Program

December 11th, 2017|

    In this wicked module, you'll learn how to effectively “seduce” your customers and clients to make the decision to hire, buy etc on the unconscious level, in minutes, using some wickedly powerful and [...]

Arash Dibazar – Ravi – Playing with the gods

December 8th, 2017|

      Discover the hidden mysteries and unleash the force of your godlike communication. “Regain your force, your strength and your will to manifest and create your life that you want inside of you” [...]

Carlos Xuma – Sexual Spark System

December 8th, 2017|

    The real difference between The Sexual Spark System and just about any other book, DVD or dating program out there is that The Sexual Spark System is the ONLY program that gives you [...]


December 6th, 2017|

  Tired of seeing the same recycled material by most “pick up” companies that is backed up by nothing but “flashy pickups” and doesn’t even work most of the time… just to make some “guru” [...]

Todd Valentine – Winner Game

December 5th, 2017|

    REAL Skills. REAL Confidence. REAL Results. No BS. REMEMBER THIS MOMENT Because I’m about to take a SLEDGEHAMMER to whatever you thought you knew about game. Let’s face it, pickup and how it’s [...]

Tom Torrero – Cold Calling 2017

November 30th, 2017|

    Join Tom Torero on his daygame pickup adventures in Russia and the Former Soviet Union to seduce some of the hottest girls on the planet. 238 pages, paperback. Contains logistical reports and maps [...]

Ali Adler – How to Fck a Woman

November 30th, 2017|

    Brazen, uproarious, slyly prescriptive, and always entertaining, Ali Adler is a sex and relationship guru who knows what women want. As a lesbian, she has both the equipment and the experience to give [...]

Jason Capital – Jedi Mini Tricks and Dark Side Mind Tricks

November 27th, 2017|

  Who Are The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks For? In my estimate, there are 5 kinds of guys The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks are for. If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions [...]

Christian McQueen – How To Fck Like A Pornstar (ebook)

November 27th, 2017|

    Gentlemen, welcome to one of the most important blog posts you’ll ever read. All of the effort you’ve put out in developing your Game comes down to one final aspect: can you fuck [...]

Jason Capital – Make Women Want You Unleashed

November 23rd, 2017|

    In This Video Presentation You’ll Learn: BREAKTHROUGH SEDUCTION TECHNOLOGY In this brand-new, Team Capital only video, you’re going to get my newest seduction breakthrough when it comes to making the hottest women chase [...]

Derek Rake – Boyfriend Destroyer System

November 23rd, 2017|

    TRUE OR FALSE? "It's impossible to get an attached woman to leave her boyfriend for you." Answer: FALSE. And I will prove to you how jaw-droppingly easy it is to make a woman [...]

PDS Courses(252)
Sex Courses(60)
All Courses(414)
Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle Courses(42)
Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology Courses(60)

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