The Click Magnet Dating System

        How to Have a Steady Stream of Attractive Dates Lined Up Anytime, Any Place, Without Having to Approach a Single Woman, Buy Her Drinks or Face Her Rejection Detailed Overview Of Online Dating, Great For Increasing Your Efficiency At Getting Results Scott Valdez is the founder of Virtual Dating Assistants, a [...]

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Troy Francis – Still in the Game

  So, you reached forty. Or maybe you haven't quite yet. But you'll get there soon enough. And when you do---whether that's now or in a couple of years' time---you'll need to know precisely what you need to do to get results with the girls you want to date. Perhaps you've been married. Maybe you're [...]

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Gabrielle Moore – Boobgasms

      Secret Techniques to awaken her Breasts Orgasmic Potential! Section 1 - Introduction to Breast Orgasms The Science that links Breast Arousal in the Brain What happens when Breasts are sexually stimulated? Breast and Nipple Orgasms Section 2 - Breast Play Techniques Getting Started Sensate Play and Exploring Sensations Erotic Breast Massage for [...]

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Alex Forest – Too Late, Mate A Daygame Memoir

    “Too Late, Mate?” tells the true story of a singleton and relationship virgin who spent most of his adult life bewildered, struggling to figure out where he was going wrong with women and wondering where he had misplaced his sex life. In the process he had achieved the impressive feat of amassing the [...]

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Tina Robbins – Orgasm in 5 Minutes

    What exactly does the feminine orgasm consist of? Can all women have them? What techniques and postures are the most appropriate to attain one? Are all women multiorgasmic? Although the female orgasm still provokes doubts and misunderstandings, with the appropriate information, it can be converted to something more simple and natural (and above [...]

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Codey Storey – Tactical Bodyweight Training

  These workouts aren't like anything you've done before, because expert trainer Cody Storey studied primal movements, and designed TBT to open up new ranges of motion so you can move more freely. 1. TBT 1: Tabata 1 In Tabata 1, Cody takes you through 4 body-weight moves, 8 rounds per move. You'll ignite your [...]

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Satori PUA – Dating Decoded – Bootcamp Videos Compilation

    The opportunity to experience and learn how to pick-up women by watching how one of the best pick-up instructors in the world coaches his students on the streets of Los Angeles, California. By getting this product you will be able to watch a masterful seminar about how to to pick-up hot girls during [...]

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Super Seducer – Richard LaRuina

    Super Seducer is the world  s most realistic seduction simulator. It puts you in everyday scenarios (a coffee shop, the office, a bar) and lets you do practically whatever you want, to see how it plays out with beautiful women. As you make your moves, renowned seduction guru Richard La Ruina (featured in [...]

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Dean Cortez – Secrets of Dating Asian Women

    How To "Nail Down" And KEEP Any Asian Woman You Want Without Years Of Trial & Error, Rejection AND Frustration... Until now, there has been nowhere to go in order to learn how to get and keep Asian women.       You either had it, or you didn’t (or you were hard-headed like me, [...]

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Gabrielle Moore – Naked U – Season 2 and 3

    Season 2 – Great Sex Over 40 Unbreakable Erections You can have amazing erections that feel larger and harder inside your woman and give her unbelievable pleasure and arousal. Bigger and Deeper Tricks and positions for giving her deep pleasure, no matter what size you are The Alpha Lover How to be the [...]

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