Bobby Rio – Testosteron Blueprint

  The Easiest Way to Increase Your Testosterone In The Fastest Time Possible... The “Testosterone Blueprint” by Bobby Rio offers men information about increasing their testosterone levels (T-levels). The program is based on activating 4 natural ‘testosterone triggers’ to improve your sex life: - Diet - Intense, unorthodox exercise - Supplements and vitamins - Lifestyle [...]

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Bobby Rio – Make Her Beg You To Bang Her

  Hey, I'm Bobby Rio and I'd like to share with you a very simple 3 step system that flips the "sexual switch" in a woman's brain, and gets her desperate to go home with you. In this guide you're going to learn a simple 3 step system for taking a conversation from "platonic" to [...]

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Derek Rake – Conversational Seduction

    How to talk to women and create powerful, intense attraction... using deep, hypnotic and intimate conversations Learn how to make meaningful, lasting and seductive conversations... beyond small talk, false pretense and shallow flattery STOP AND READ THIS FIRST ConversationalSeduction is not for everybody, and if you're looking for any of these things then [...]

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Subliminal Club – The Emperor

Emperor: Become an Alpha Male, Manifest Money, Have More Sex and Build an Empire Subliminal There are alpha males. Then, there are those that transcends all definitions and labels. These individuals are the true rulers of their lives and everything they do. EMPEROR will get you there. It’s designed for those who want more than [...]

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Bobby Rio – Amplify The Attraction

    Bobby Rio - Amplify The Attraction Tools, Strategies, and Mindset for Attracting Beautiful Women Attraction Building Blueprint Videos and Audios 1-3 - How to Guide for Attraction - What to Say and Do - ATTITUDE and the way you come across as you say or do it Control the Attraction Video and Audio [...]

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Bobby Rio – 7 Sexual Game Changers

    Bobby Rio - 7 Sexual Game Changers Bobby Rio is going to discuss these  7 Sexual Game Changers which you can put immediately into action and you will see immediate results and immediate improvement in your game 1.  Rapport Buster 2.  The Mind Sentence Kiss 3. The Sexually Charged Story 4. The Mutual [...]

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Derek Rake – Shogun Method Black Book Volume 3

Level Up With The Latest And Greatest Innovations In The Shogun Method® Knowledge Universe Shogun Method Black Book VOLUME 3 features brand new Shogun Method strategies and advanced Shogun Sequences developed to bring your Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction and Enslavement skills to the next level Module 1: Implanted Memories. A super advanced "mind hacking" technique that [...]

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Lloyd Glauberman – Hypno Peripheral Processing

    Dr. Lloyd Glauberman has spent the last 30 years helping people develop the emotional tools to achieve their goals in life. Using a form of hypnosis known as Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP), Glauberman has helped people gain access to the incredible untapped power of their subconscious mind. HPP CDs combine relaxing music and two [...]

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Carlos Xuma – Alpha Masculinity

  “GET YOUR BALLS BACK… Learn To Supercharge The Masculine Confidence You Have NOW To Get Any Woman You Desire...” Why Most Of The Dating Gurus Are Feeding You The ULTIMATE LIE Of Attraction - And How You Can Create Instant Natural Attraction With Women... Friend, Have you tried to be the Nice Guy - [...]

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Aslen Claymore – The Warrior She Wants

      Discover How To Awaken Your Dormant Masculinity And Become The Strong-Minded WARRIOR That Women Fantasize About... ...So You Can Stir Deep, Uncontrollable Attraction In Women Without Ever Acting Like A Jerk, Being Overly Aggressive Or Feeling Like You Are Pretending To Be Someone Else Why You’ve Failed To Attract Women In The [...]

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