Step 1 is to activate the Friend Bomb. Think of this step as “turning on the device”. And you do this by turning yourself on and getting horny for the girl you like. I’ll show you some special techniques and mindsets you need to have to become that sexual guy she can’t resist.

In this audio training you will discover:

1. The biggest mistake guys make with women

2. Secrets for fucking a “female friend”

3. Techniques that increase your DESIRE

4. The Biggest benefit of getting horny for her

5. Why banging her fast, is so damn important!

6. Roadblocks & Solutions to being a “Sexual Guy”

7. Are you ready to move to Step #2. Take this test now.

Step 2 of the friend bomb is to light the fuse of desire. Now that you have an intense focus on banging her, it’s time to get her horny for banging YOU. And the fastest and easiest way to do this, is use a secret seduction method called “Invisible Escalation”
In this audio training you will discover:

1. Invisible Seduction

2. Change her mind, then change her mood (getting out of the friend zone)

3. 5 Techniques that create intense Sexual Tension

4. The Secret Art of Physical “Push-Pull”

5. The Roadblocks to being seductive

6. 3 Solutions for becoming the Seductive Character

7. Are you ready to move to Step #3. Take this test now.

Step 3, the final step of the Friend Bomb is to pull the trigger. Great news. You’re aroused and she’s feeling attracted. However, if you don’t capitalize on the moment when it appears, it all gets lost. I’ll show a Magic Move that quickly and easily makes you guys a couple. And the best part is, you can’t be rejected when using it (hint: it’s not kissing)

In this audio training you will discover:

1. The REAL goal of escalation

2. Attraction Signals: what to watch for

3. The Magic Move: Hand Caressing

4. 5 Benefits of The Magic Move

5. Beating Your Fear: Escalation is Attractive

6. Get Her Home: Closing Tips

7. Are you ready to go and get her tonight? Take this test.

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