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Carlos Xuma – The Girlfriend Training Program

  This program is designed to teach men how to “train” a girl to not lose her attraction and get drama-free sex. It teaches men how to train women in the same ways they are doing to men, sometimes without men even knowing it. Carlos Xuma explains 4 of the toughest challenges men face with [...]

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Dean Hodgins – Essentials of Strength Training

    This groundbreaking course on strength training unites scientific knowledge with results-driven practice in a wholly integrated system. With lectures designed to educate you on your body's response to a variety of exercises plus  workouts, this course will help you build a stronger body. We're all on a lifelong quest for that one secret [...]

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David Tian – Invincible The Secret Ancient Dao of Effortlessly Attracting Women 2016

      “Brand New Program Reveals The Most Powerful Seduction Secret of the Ages Literally Lost for 2,500 Years…” Imagine this scenario… You know that time when you were out with your friends at a bar or a club, and you started drinking... and you had a nice buzz going but you weren’t drunk [...]

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Joseph Ossman – Orgasm After Orgasm

  Give Your Woman Multiple Orgasms and Make Her Squirt! There are hundreds of men just like yourself who have already used this guide and it has forever changed their sex life. This is your exclusive opportunity to join a small, yet powerful, group of men who harness the ability to make women ejaculate and [...]

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David Tian – 10 Weeks to Freedom

    How To Experience And Enjoy Authentic Freedom -- Socially, Sexually, Emotionally -- And Attract Women, Love, And Success By Living As Your True Self What if you could attract and keep your dream relationships... just by being your True Self and live the life you’ve always wanted? 10 WEEKS TO FREEDOM is a [...]

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Jason Capital & Adam Gilad – Relationship God

      The Chemical Key To Unlocking Your Dream Girl’s Heart, Mind, and Legs In A Single Night.. The NEW science of love, revealing.. How you can get a devoted and caring girlfriend for the first time. Imagine building a future filled with so much passion, commitment, and devotion that even your closest friends [...]

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Hotseat at Home Mastermind

    The Hot Seat at Home Mastermind Edition Will Show You... How to Never Have a Bad Night Out No matter how bad your night starts out, you will learn how to walk away with a gorgeous girl every single time. Uncover the root behaviors and mindsets that fester and manifest into a bad [...]

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Derek Lamont – The Online Game

  The Online Game is over 275 pages of advice, tips and insight into how to be successful in picking up women online. Written by Derek Lamont, The Online Game promises to give you step by step instruction on how to create attraction with women on such sites as Facebook, MySpace, PlentyofFish and the like. [...]

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Jon Sinn – Escaping The Friend Zone

  Voted #1 Pick-up Artist in the World by TSB Magazine. I teach a no bullshit, practical approach to meeting & seducing the women you want. Everyone knows that the friend zone is the most painfull place to be. This program Escaping The Friend Zone is going to reveal to you the biggest key to [...]

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Ryan Magin – Bad Boy Unleashed

    What Do Russell Brand, George Clooney, And Robert Downey Jr All Have In Common…? They all don’t give a Fvck. Yup it’s true… They all have this silent attitude that subtly says… I Just Don’t Give A Fvck. They do what they want and say what they want whenever they well feel like [...]

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