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Steve G. Jones and John Harricharan – The Master Speaks

    "Get Ready….You Are Just Seconds Away From Discovering Life's Most Sacred Truths About Spiritual Connection To The Universe" "Your Time To Learn Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About The Powers Of Infinite Intelligence Is Finally Here" From the desk of Steve G. Jones Savannah, GA Dear friend, Do you ever feel as [...]

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Nick Richards – Sexual Obsession Switch

        This program shows men how to activate a woman’s sexual desires so that she uncontrollably craves you for sex – flipping her sex switch – via psychological seduction. It is designed to restructure a woman’s thought processes, bypassing her defense mechanisms and activating the sexual thoughts that overwhelm her subconscious mind. [...]

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GMB Fitness – Focused Flexibility

      “One size fits all” routines don’t address your body’s unique needs. This course frees you from the aches, pains, and stiff muscles that restrict your movement and hold you back from fully participating in the activities you enjoy. Increase Your Flexibility & Mobility Fast Reduce Pain and Tightness at Work Finally Achieve [...]

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Tripp Advice – 33 Super Secret Sex Techniques

      33 Super Secret Sex Techniques. The “quick-start” guide to feeling bigger, lasting longer, and giving your girl the mind-blowing orgasms she's been dreaming of… In this easy to read guide you will discover: How to slowly build a woman’s desire until she is begging for you (without blowing your load too soon) [...]

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AMP – Sexual Energy Mastery

      Sexual Energy Mastery: A Step-By-Step, Easy-To-Follow 10-Week Program to Feeling Immense Pleasure, Having Complete Ejaculatory Control, Experiencing Multiple Orgasms, and Even Full-Body Orgasms... HERE'S WHAT WE'LL BE COVERING IN EACH MODULE: Module 1 - Base Camp Training This first module is packed with foundational info and practices. Buckle up! The 6 principles [...]

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Venusian Arts – Revelation

  How To Completely Take Over a Room The Moment You Step Foot In It You see, everything I’ve done up until this point – my choice of wardrobe and accessories (or “peacocking,” for those of you familiar with some of the Venusian Arts’ terminology), my entourage, and the woman or two hanging on my [...]

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Foundation Training – Fundamentals and Daily Workout

    Foundation Training: Fundamentals and Daily Workouts Foundation Training exercises will teach you the basics of proper movement and help you move toward a structurally integrated body. The value of the information in this DVD set will stay with you for life, as you learn Foundation Training as it is taught now your physical [...]

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Gold Medal Bodies – Parallette Training Level 1 and Level 2

      Parallette Training Level 1: Essential Pressing Strength Development Parallettes One is our beginner/intermediate introduction to pressing strength and inverted skills. It’ll build muscle and control through your entire body and make you feel absolutely solid. Parallettes One Creates Full-Body Strength & Stability Let’s just go ahead and be honest: there are hundreds [...]

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Carlos Xuma – Ultimate Inner Game

  The Ultimate Inner Game is a concentrated program of what Carlos Xuma considers the best tips, methods, strategies, and inner game techniques. It was created to give men only the most necessary skills to conquer your "inner game" while quickly eliminating all the useless things that do not work. Carlos Xuma designed the program [...]

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Andrew Holecek – Dream Sculpting

  From Barely Lucid To Hyper Lucid Discover The Master Blueprint To Turn Lucid Dreaming Into Your Strongest Ally In Accelerating Your Personal And Spiritual Evolution Join Andrew Holecek In This Six-Week Transformational Journey Into The Deepest Depths Of Your Mind Where You’ll Uncover A Whole New World Of Possibilities That You Never Knew Existed [...]

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