The Best way to Learn Club free blackjack online Game, Kiss closes, and all other things directly from Badboy. You will learn all of the moves, tricks and lines, that will get you INSTANT success with girls.


  • How to maintain good conversation flow
  • 2 secret techniques of Same Night Lays
  • How to control party-chicks and their wild energy
  • A technique for pulling women away from dance-floor
  • A detailed breakdown on Alpha body language
  • Anatomy of the perfectly successful approach
  • A 3-step approach structure to prevent getting rejected
  • How to position yourself as the center of attraction
  • How seduction looks from a female perspective
  • A technique for approaching women in bars and restaurants
  • How to approach women from a state of power and dominance
  • Smooth and natural escalation by touching 5 spots on her body
  • A technique for getting a woman?s phone number girls phone number
  • A breakdown on Natural Badboy?s table approach technique
  • How to create automatic attraction between you and beautiful women
  • Using the Pussy Perfume technique to get women to approach you
  • Making your voice deeper to become irresistible to the women you desire
  • 5 powerful kiss techniques to help you make-out with women in a club
  • How to become that guy who always pulls, gets the woman, and lives a rockstar lifestyle
  • A powerful technique to distract a woman?s mind while sexually arousing her towards sex
  • Isolating a woman from her girlfriends without making anyone feel uncomfortable
  • Understanding how to naturally touch a woman without making her feel uncomfortable
  • A method that will help you to reinitiate interrupted conversations with women
  • How to neutralize guys in mixed groups and convince their girlfriends to leave with you
  • Techniques to help you smoothly maneuver through seduction logistical issues
  • A 2-step isolation strategy to get women away from a group without her realizing what happened
  • How to calibrate your energy and use it to optimize control within a group


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