Arash Dibazar – Unspoken Taboos

  Improve your game with unspoken taboos and access knowledge, that was forbidden for centuries. You no longer have to deprive yourself of the companionship of women and wait until you get lucky and attract a mate. Take action and learn the secret science of attracting women. The topics covered in this product are: Problems [...]

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Hypnotica – Metawhore

  Metawhore is without doubt the most controversial autobiography of 2012. The author cleverly fuses a thoroughly entertaining life story with thought provoking philosophy. Buried within the pages is a mirror that consistently reflects the sub-conscious of the reader, asking questions of the self usually considered taboo? Humorous, morally challenging, honest, unapologetic and wholly addictive, [...]

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David Tian – Rock Solid Relationships

  Stop Gaming Your Woman! Instead, Enjoy A Passionate Relationship With Your Perfect Woman Who Loves And Adores You For Your True Self Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery include over 35+ hours of a beautifully organized set of video courses, audio tracks, PDF cheat sheets, and lots of valuable, fun surprises. MODULE 1 - [...]

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The Unchained Man – The Alpha Male 2,0

    Learn step-by-step how you can create a high-income, low-work business, as well as relationships with women based on freedom instead of rules and drama.  If you're a man who has any of the following problems... * Doesn't make enough money * Has trouble attracting women * Has problems maintaining quality relationships with women [...]

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AthleanX – AX 1

      THE COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP 90 DAY SYSTEM FEEL ATHLEAN AT ANY AGE THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO AGE LIMIT ON AN ATHLETIC BODY. Numerous recent studies have shown that lean muscle tissue can be built even into your 80’s! In fact, the older you are the MORE important it becomes to train like an [...]

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Christian Gudnason – The Erection Master

    How To Use The Program Your erection dysfunction is curable. Majority of men who uses this program get back completely functional strong erection. It may not happen overnight, it may take weeks or even a few months to regain your old stamina. But if you're persistent and committed, then you'll be healed and [...]

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Derek Rake – Cougar Seduction System

  Discover A Revolutionary Method On Seducing Older Women Using Mind Control Exploit A Cougar's Insecurities And Make Her Surrender To You: CougarSeduction™ Shows You How Introducing CougarSeduction: The World's First (And Best) System For Attracting Older Women And Putting Them Under Your Control The CougarSeduction Bag Of Dirty Tricks Will Either Delight Or Disgust [...]

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Robert Moore – Persuasion The Key To Seduce The Universe

  What I’m about to reveal below may SHOCK you! You may shake your head in disbelief. However, trust me... The question is, would you like to have the power of influencing anyone you want or have them do EXACTLY as you bid? Just imagine how great would it be to persuade your boss to [...]

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Social Circle Blueprint 2,0 – RSD Luke

    A Modern System To Rig The Dating Game & Get You The Abundant Sex Life You Are After Here’s A Breakdown Of Every Section Inside SCB 2.0  (And How They Will Work Synergistically To Produce RESULTS In Your Sex Life) CORE MODULE 1: REWIRING YOUR MINDSET Once you begin your Social Circle journey, [...]

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RSD Max – Girlfriend Game

Regardless of where you are right now - Girlfriend Game is the best thing you can do for your game, PERIOD. Girlfriend Game: -Is the first pickup program that helps you game her, get her, AND keep her. -Will provide you a roadmap to becoming a self-reliant, sex worthy, deep, and love-worthy. -Will give you [...]

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