Derek Rake–Seduction On Steroids

  The World's One And Only 10-Step Attraction Roadmap Revealed For The First Time, Ever Here are the nuts and bolts of the system – what you'll get when you invest in SeductionOnSteroids: The world's first Attraction Roadmap, complete with a take-it-by-the-hand system for attracting a woman (or multiple women) from A to Z An [...]

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Dialogue Dynamics – Justin Wayne

  Dialogue Dynamics The Conversation Guide For Men Understanding the FUNDEMENTALS of being a great CONVERSATIONALIST is the Most Important facet of connecting with people for the first time. The Conversation is the HIGH-WAY to a woman’s heart, mind, and soul because it can convey many things about yourself. Being a good conversationalist does NOT [...]

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Conscious Uncoupling – Katherine Woodward Thomas – MindValley

How To Break Negative Relationship Patterns & Open Your Heart To Love Again Introducing Conscious Uncoupling to Heal Your Heart, Reclaim Your Power, and Live Happily Even After Conscious Uncoupling is a simple 5-step method to guide you through the process of getting through a breakup. Whether you’re fresh off a breakup, on the verge [...]

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The Quest For Personal Mastery – Srikumar Rao – MindValley

Discover A Breakthrough Method To Rise Above Any Adversity And Engineer Outstanding Levels Of Happiness - In 45 Days Or Less Gain The Freedom To Flow With Life - And Achieve Extraordinary Resilience, Abundance, And Self-Mastery The Quest for Personal Mastery program presents a rare opportunity to experience Srikumar Rao’s unique approach to personal growth [...]

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Carlos Xuma – Bad Boy Formula

"Discover The Bad Boy Secrets That Will Turn Women Into Instant Love Junkies - Begging To Possess You..." Put Your Love Life On Steroids Without Any Shady Tricks Or Manipulation... Do you find women are forever mentioning they just want to meet a nice guy to settle down with? Ever think to yourself, you are [...]

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Mark Manson – Approach Women Program

The Approach Women Program is an online access program. It offers the 20 lessons for you to learn step by step how to approaching women by taking the action. Also gives you the advices how to kill your fear and help you to create more confidence. SIZE: 981 MB   Mark Manson - Approach Women [...]

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Derek Rake – ReSeduction 2.0

  HERE'S THE DARKEST, MOST SINISTER "GET YOUR EX BACK" METHOD YOU WILL EVER FIND IN A LIFETIME Stop playing nice and letting her kick you around. ReSeduction 2.0 will turn her into a docile little kitten, desperate to crawl back into your arms. You Will Make Her Suffer. ReSeduction is NOT a "play nice" [...]

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Love Systems – Charisma Decoded

Drawing from a decade of dating coaching experience, we designed this course to help regular men worldwide unleash their inner charisma. Over six weeks, you will develop a more attractive and confident way of interacting with women and the world – so that dating and attraction come easy. SIZE: 5,65 GB   Love Systems - [...]

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The Social Man – The Unbreakable OS

  The Unbreakable OS consists of 11 explosive videos and audio files, with over six hours of training that will blow your mind, and reboot you with searing confidence, charisma, and success. Watching this training course just once is like going through 14 years of expensive psychotherapy to rewire your brain. Here's just a taste [...]

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Derek Rake – Insider Lab

  16 pdfs filled with new Shogun techniques and tactics. Derek Rake is the founder and chief coach of one of the world’s largest dating and relationship coaching companies, specializing in Mind Control and deep persuasive psychology. SIZE: 43 MB   SalesPage (more info) Derek Rake - Insider Lab Contents: Pdfs DOWNLOAD Mega: DOWNLOAD [...]

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