The Fundamentals of Strongman Training – 8 Weeks Out

  Table of Content: Module 1: Strongman Overview Module 2: Tire Flip Module 3: Farmers Walk Module 4: Axle Clean and Press Part1 Module 5: Axle Clean and Press Part2 Module 6: Yoke Walk Module 7: Atlas Stone Part1 Module 8: Atlas Stone Part2 Module 9: Creating Equipment Module 10: Accessory Lift Module 11: Simulating [...]

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Muscle & Fitness – Training System

      Muscle & Fitness System Home Training - This DVD includes 5 complete full-body workouts, ranging from "No-Equipment-Necessary" to the "Barbell and Bench" workout. These routines include 36 different exercises to help you achieve your training goals at home with little to no equipment. The Muscle & Fitness Training System will put you [...]

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AthleanX – AX 1

      THE COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP 90 DAY SYSTEM FEEL ATHLEAN AT ANY AGE THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO AGE LIMIT ON AN ATHLETIC BODY. Numerous recent studies have shown that lean muscle tissue can be built even into your 80’s! In fact, the older you are the MORE important it becomes to train like an [...]

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AthleanX – AX-2 Digital Plus

    WILL YOU REIGN SUPREME? There’s only one way to achieve the title of “ATHLEAN Supreme Athlete”. It’s reserved for the best of the best, the elite. ATHLEAN X-TREME builds on the foundation established in AX-1 and crosses the line of what is acceptable to produce results that are incredible. This intense training system [...]

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Kings Initiation – Inception

  Layer One - The Warrior – Neuromuscular Strenght This section of the KING manual is all about “Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself” physically. In the pages of Warrior section you will see how I’ve approached training over the length of my strength training career to deadlift over 700b and run a 4.3 second [...]

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AthleanX – Wolverine BeastMode

  Wolverine: Beastmode At A Glance Develop animalistic strength by trading in volume for the sheer intensity of Force Cluster 25's! Time to carve in unseen muscle definition with the Ascending ISO sets found in Stalking Mode! Think you've seen every kind of pullup? Nope. Welcome to Beastmode...and the Tornado Pullup! Before you can exit [...]

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AthleanX – Athlean Xero

    Stop the Insanity! Doing 60 minutes of essentially glorified aerobics and thinking that you will build muscle is the definition of “INSANITY”! If you want to develop serious athletic muscle then you have to create overload and still have a respect for muscle repair and recovery. Enter the ATHLEAN XERO program from ATHLEAN-X. [...]

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AthleanX – Special TactiX

    Train Like A Soldier... And Be Ready For Anything! H.I.I.T. And Run I & II Get ready to feel what it’s like to wage a battle between your legs and your lungs! The most intense but results proven method of quickly improving your endurance is here. Swarm Tactix I & II Just as [...]

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Sealfit – Grinder PT

  The name Grinder PT comes from Navy SEAL trainees grinding down and re-building character with Physical Training (“PT”). In this program, Coach Divine and his team bring you to the SEALFIT “Grinder” which looks surprisingly like the actual Navy SEAL grinder. On the grinder Coach Divine and crew will teach you to reach new [...]

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Sealfit – Sealfit 7

    The foundation of a strong body is a strong core. That’s why our coaches put together 7 of our toughest core workouts. Each video is 7 minutes long so you can maximize your workout in a short amount of time. We recommend you use these workouts to supplement your SEALFIT Online Training, Crossfit, [...]

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