Sam Harris – Waking Up – Audio Meditation Course

  Discover your mind. Waking Up is a guide to understanding the mind, for the purpose of living a more balanced and fulfilling life. Join Sam Harris—neuroscientist, philosopher, and New York Times best-selling author—as he explores the practice of meditation and examines the theory behind it. What makes Waking Up different? There are hundreds of [...]

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Amish Shah – Project Yourself

The Project:Yourself home training course is a series of transformational learning sessions based on the 9 levels of the Sri Yantra Using the Sri Yantra as a map, I want to personally program you, through a sequence of online lessons in the Project:Yourself home training course... with every single Reality Hack I've applied to get [...]

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Bob Proctor – The Art of Goal Creation

    Join Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher LIVE from the comfort of your own home for the Art of Goal Creation Seminar October 10-13, 2019. Access this epic event from your computer, tablet or phone and enjoy a 14-day playback. SIZE: 5,9 GB   SalesPage (more info) Bob Proctor - The Art of Goal [...]

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Joe Dispenza – Becoming Supernatural

  Rewire your brain for self-healing and manifestation with Dr. Joe Dispenza at GaiaSphere. A world-renowned researcher, speaker, and author, Dr. Dispenza addresses the neuroscience of personal transformation by blending quantum physics with the science of the mind-body connection to help you understand what is truly possible in your life. During this exclusive three day [...]

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Persuasion Mastery – Sabri Suby

  Persuasion Mastery Course MODULE 1: MASTER MINDSET How to apply the secrets of superstar-athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe And LeBron… to gain wildly outrageous success in sales (This information will set fire to your soul and make you burn so bright, so ablaze, you won’t be able to sleep at night from the sudden [...]

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Joe Navarro – What Every BODY Is Saying

  An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People Read this book and send your nonverbal intelligence soaring. Joe Navarro, a former FBI counterintelligence officer and a recognized expert on nonverbal behavior, explains how to "speed-read" people: decode sentiments and behaviors, avoid hidden pitfalls, and look for deceptive behaviors. You'll also learn how your body language [...]

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Vanessa Ed Edwards – The Power of Happiness

  The science behind happiness, applied to your life. The search for happiness is your key to greater success. Do you know what makes you happy and how to get more of it? Most of us have no idea what drives our internal joy triggers. In this course, you will learn that happiness is concrete [...]

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T. Harv Eker – Secrets of Inner Power 2.0

SECRETS OF INNER POWER 2.0 The Secrets Of Inner Power Revealed: How To Master Your Mind, Uncover Your True Self & Succeed In Any Area Of Life Stop dreaming of success & start living it – train your mind to work for you (instead of against you) in this enlightening 7-part video training by T. [...]

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Victor Pride – 30 Days of Discipline

  30 Days of Discipline is an electronic book. But it's not just an e-book, it is a way of life. It is a challenge. It is a bootcamp that you put yourself through. A way to discipline yourself, a way to tame those bad habits and institute new, Ass-kicking habits. To get the full [...]

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Hal Elrod – Miracle Morning

  Transform Your Life The Miracle Morning book just may be the simplest, most effective way to create the life you’ve always wanted, and faster than you ever thought possible. Based on the premise that how you start your day largely determines the quality of your day, your work, and your life, The Miracle Morning [...]

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