Michael Breen – From Wish to Fulfillment – Task Decomposition

    When Elite Coaches & Consultants NEED To Create Breakthrough Results In Record Time For Their Clients... THIS Closely Guarded SKILL & VISUAL PLANNING SYSTEM Is The ONE They REACH For... That Transforms Goals, Dreams & Aspirations Into Reality... Guaranteed. In this all NEW training, From Wish to Fulfillment - Task Decomposition The Master [...]

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Arash Dibazar – Solomon’s Temple

    Unlock the secrets to Solomon’s Temple and get a taste of some of the most powerful information about communication and the mind. Take a piece of this knowledge, go out in the world and you will experience nothing less than mental magic. No one taught you about these powers and now the time [...]

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David Snyder – Sensual Enhancement – Erotic Hypnosis Made Easy

    Description What would happen if you combined the power of hypnosis with raw sexuality? Could you imagine what would happen to your sex life if you were able to give women (or men) orgasms on demand, and activate your most primal desires? Join David Snyder as he teams up with Steve P. (from [...]

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Allen Carr – Easy Way To Stop Smoking

    "Being a smoker is like being trapped in a complicated maze...it's as if Allen Carr has a map of that maze..." Sir Anthony Hopkins Contrary to what many smokers think, it is NOT a lack of willpower or nicotine withdrawal that make it difficult to quit. Yes, nicotine is an addictive drug: but, [...]

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Vanessa Van Edwards – The Power of Negonation

    Master The Science Of Negotiation So You Get What You Want (and Deserve) In Every Area Of Your Life. Do you get uncomfortable asking for what you want? Do you worry about how much you are worth? Do you have a hard time saying “no” and standing up for yourself? Do you feel [...]

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Arash Dibazar – The Forbidden Gate

    Lecture 1: In the beginning there was the word Lecture 2: The process of creation and destruction Lecture 3: The law of attraction Lecture 4: What is your reality? Lecture 5: Men and god Lecture 6: The image inside of you SIZE: 900 MB   SalesPage (more info) Arash Dibazar - The Forbidden [...]

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James Clear – The Habits Master Class

    The Habits Master Class is a 40-lesson course that aims to teach you everything you need to know about how to form good habits and break bad ones. The Habits Academy is the most practical, effective, and science-backed course on behavior change ever created. Each lesson covers powerful ways to change your habits [...]

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Arash Dibazar – The Eye of Ra

    The Eye Of Ra, Close your Eyes and See Create Instant Change and Become Your Favourite Character! If you could be anyone, who would you want to be? What would you give to become that person? Have you ever desired a goal and failed to accomplish it? This Your Chance to Discover the [...]

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David Snyder – Hidden Laws Of Mental Dynamics

    Description Join David in this premium meetup group that covers the seven primary laws that govern the functioning of the unconscious mind. Through these lessons, you will learn exactly how to leverage them for maximum effectiveness in any area of life that you choose. You will learn about the: Law of Compliance Law [...]

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Arash Dibazar – Supernatural

      Guard your mind Everyone knows, that the most important thing in your life is your mind. The quality of your thoughts and the way you use your mind will determine the quality of your life. It can be used to elavate you and give you freedom or to destroy and enslave you. [...]

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