Michael Webb – Lick By Lick

    It is a well known fact that oral sex is extremely pleasurable for a man. The irrefutable evidence permeates our society from sexual innuendos in commercials to adult films and pornography. It is true that a man will not let a woman who gives great fellatio go far and for many men, oral [...]

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Geoff Ronnings – Modern Stage Hypnosis Course

    Imagine Right Now... How it would be to hypnotize anyone, easily How it would be to drop a whole group of people into trance without concern or stress How it would feel if someone invited you to perform your stage hypnosis show Think about hearing the sound of the applause.   Noticing the [...]

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RSD Julian – Transformation Mastery

        EVERY CONCEPT BROKEN DOWN, ILLUSTRATED WITH LIVE TRANSFORMATIONAL INFIELD FOOTAGE OF WHAT REAL PERMANENT CHANGE ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE Over 33 videos of HIGH QUALITY CONTENT ...going DEEP into self-actualization, the subconscious mind,  and true transformation within. Not to mention, the MOST PRACTICAL/STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE of how to do it. WARNING! After this, [...]

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RSD Todd – Women

"Over the years, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of students embark on their journey in game. Of those thousands, only 2% ever reach truly advanced level game. Only 2% actually get the 9’s and 10’s that the rest can’t even approach. And you guessed it, it’s that same 2% that understand the FULL Truth about [...]

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Arash Dibazar – Round Table Lectures

    THE ROUND TABLE Beauty, power, and wealth – how do you acquire these things? The woman of your dreams – how do you make her addicted to you? How do you master relationships? Gain unbreakable confidence and learn what it takes to have an absolute focused state of mind. Wield powerful influence over [...]

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Jerry Alan Johnson – Tai Chi, The Empowering Workout(DVD)

  Jerry Alan Johnson, PHD., D.C.T.M. (Doctor of Chinese Traditional Medicine) and D.M.Q (Doctor of Medical Qigong)- Master Instructor Jerry Alan Johnson has been studying the Martial Arts for over 40 years. He is considered one of the top instructors in both Pa Kua Chang and Tai Chi Chuan in the United States. Master Johnson [...]

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Jason Capital – Creating Sexual Tension

    More girls, more fun, more power, more charm, more status, more WIN. I share with you a little tricks I picked up that makes her SUBCONSCIOUS like you more than it already does. I give you advice that will forever change the course of your life. And by change, I mean make 10-100X [...]

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Chris 60 Years of Challenge – Secret Seduction Triggers

  Spoiler Alert: Our sexy model reveals the exact “blueprint” for how to seduce her into bed. You get to see how she looks when she’s NOT attracted to a guy and the signals she sends when she is (don’t miss these). But the best part is when Lissarette admits that a guy in her [...]

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Revolution Strong Summit

  WELCOME TO THE WORLD'S LARGEST STRENGTH & PERFORMANCE EVENT EVER CREATED ONLINE... DISCOVER THE STRONGEST AND BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!!! You will not only get a better understanding of the key principles for peak health, a high level of fitness, and training excellence, but you'll get actionable strategies and high value content to change [...]

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Paul Wade – Explosive Calisthenics

  How to Lead, Survive and Dominate Physically By Becoming “The Complete Package” As an Athlete… Explosive Calisthenics is for those who want to be winners and survivors in the game of life—for those who want to be the Complete Package: powerful, explosive, strong, agile, quick and resilient. Traditional martial arts have always understood this [...]

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