Jason Capital – Conversation Crack

  Jason Capital introduces a conversation system for showing men how to create an intimate, irresistible connection with women, from their first meeting. It is also designed to help men who are already good at conversations upgrade themselves to addiction level. It consists of 17 different communication structures and ways of framing compelling conversations. The [...]

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David Wygant – First Date Seduction

What If You Could Go From “Totally Confused” About First Dates... To Knowing How To Melt Women’s Hearts... And Have Them Literally Begging To Be YOUR Girlfriend After Just ONE Date? “First Date Seduction” is a 4-part video program where you’ll see live, raw, and unedited footage of me on two first dates with gorgeous [...]

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Living Your Life from The Source – Neale Donald Walsch

    Let Neale Show You How to Integrate the Conversations with God Teachings into Every Area of Your Life Including Your Health, Career, Relationships, Income, Self-Confidence…and Your Connection to God I will guide you and walk you through the 4-step formula I’ve used in my own life to overcome those same obstacles… Once you [...]

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Awakening Prosperity – Dawa Tarchin Phillips & Jack Canfield

  A 5-Week Online Course to heal your money wounds, create a lasting relationship with prosperity and make a meaningful contribution to the world. “This program is not merely a course about visualization and positive affirmations. Shifting something as fundamental and deeply conflicted as your relationship with prosperity needs more. If you’ve worked with aspects [...]

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David Wygant – Men’s Mastery Series – Adult Adolescence

    The Manual for Living Your Life as a Man I call this Men's Mastery Series for guys age 22-32 "Adult Adolescence" because this time of your life is a really tough age. You have so much going on at the same time —  working on your career, some of your friends start getting [...]

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Jon Sinn – Secrets Of 5 Minute Chemistry

  Very Practical System for Better Conversation and Deep Rapport with Women It's a solid beginner to advanced conversation skills course. It comes in three parts, covering how conversation and chemistry works in the first part, giving you conversation tools in the second part, and pulling it together for you to implement practically in the [...]

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Vishen Lakhiani – The Envisioning Method

  Welcome to The Envisioning Method Guide. What is the Envisioning Method? It’s a process to get you in a state of flow.While you’re in this state of using your mind to envision various objects, feelings, and emotions that are all scientifically proven to create a tremendous beneficial effect on your body, mind, and emotions. [...]

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Vishen Lakhiani – The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

  The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms What if everything we think we know about how the world works–our ideas of love, education, spirituality, work, happiness, and love–are based on Brules (bullsh*t rules) that get passed from generation to generation and are [...]

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David Wygant – The Fearless Code

  The "Must Have" Bible For Becoming A True Fearless Natural....   This is a Jam-Packed, "How To" Guide that is different than anything you've ever learned about how to approach, meet and interact with women. I show you EXACTLY how to really transform yourself permanently into a fearless natural. Here's a quick "sneak peek" [...]

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Captain Jack – New Propulsion System + Game Dynamics Mastery

  New Propulsion System New Propulsion System makes starting conversations with women easy, enjoyable and exciting! I created a set of Beliefs, Tools and Tactics which made opening POWERFUL – they erased the fear, made me stable and strong mentally and emocionally and actually made starting the conversations easy, thrilling and exciting – instead of [...]

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