Dominant Sexual Power – Vin Dicarlo

    Dominant Sexual Power is an audio and video course that helps you to develop your confidence with women, your ability to attract them and gives you some advanced relationship skills. The course is most suitable for guys wanting to improve their relationships and work on their relationships skills, as a lot of the [...]

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Ross Jeffries – Final Frontier + Bonuses

Amazing "Final Frontier" Course Reveals: "How To Boldly Go Where You've Never Gone Before, With The Hottest Women, In Record Time!" .....If You Want My Best In My 30 Years As "The Professor Of Poon" Then You'd Best Find Yourself Claiming This Course Right Now In just the first hour or so, I will show [...]

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Modern Day Magnetic Attraction – Andrew Ryan

    7 "Sexual Triggers" That Make Girls Chase You! Without You Having to Hit on Her, Creep Her Out, or Try to Pick Her Up Discover the breakthrough Sexual Triggers that make women chase you. The System is about how to hack preselection and make women chase you, and in the process you going [...]

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Bobby Rio – 31 Days to Better Game with Women

    I know that the 31 Days will be some of the best training you will be exposed to. A lot of gurus are charging hundreds of dollars for similar programs. And I guarantee they don’t touch on half the tricks and secrets you are going to become privy to. This course is going [...]

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The Fuckboy Frame

  The Fuckboy Frame is a comprehensive online program that was created to teach YOU how to BE that guy who has women WANTING your attention. The Fuckboy Frame is about becoming a part of that 10%. It's about evolving into a guy that has women wanting you for YOU, and not for your “game”. [...]

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Jason Capital – Storyteling God

  This system designed by Jason Capital is intended for the purpose of showing men how to create incredible stories that seduce and attract women. He offers techniques in order to create stories that can be used to influence, captivate, and seduce. In the system he covers areas such as: - Using stories to get [...]

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Evil Dave – After Game Training

    Table of Contents Video 1: The Unfair Advantage - The simple way to multiply the value of everything you learn from Mystery. - Do this and your woman will not want to be with another man. - The elaboration technique - The reason that you want to be lightning fast with your decisions [...]

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Alan Roger Currie – Mode One

  Do women generally categorize you as a “nice guy??” Do they really now . . . Okay, let me ask you something. Is that “nice guy” tag helping to improve your social life, love life and/or sex life?? 99.9% chance, I doubt it. Many women SAY they want a “nice guy,” but realistically … [...]

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Jon Sinn – The Seduction Roadmap

The Seduction Roadmap is My Proven System, Systematic Process for Making Sure Your Interactions with the Girls You Want Lead to Your Bedroom… And NOWHERE Else. With the Seduction Roadmap you’ll be able to create any kind of dating life you want whether that’s sleeping with A LOT more women or sleeping with that one, [...]

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Jon Sinn – 12 Months To Mastery

Jon Sinn’s biggest & best program for helping guys get better with women is his 12 Months to Mastery program… It’s an intensive, personal program that sticks with you for the full course of the year… not just a fleeting weekend like most bootcamps… It continuously addresses the issues that arise as you gradually get [...]

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