Jon Sinn – 12 Months To Mastery

Jon Sinn’s biggest & best program for helping guys get better with women is his 12 Months to Mastery program… It’s an intensive, personal program that sticks with you for the full course of the year… not just a fleeting weekend like most bootcamps… It continuously addresses the issues that arise as you gradually get [...]

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Ranko Magami (Shark) – Attract and Date 8CD Set

This training set teaches men on how to stand out in social situations and how to approach women with attractive techniques. List of Topics Covered: - How to Stop being a part of grey mass and be different with attractive body language - Delete phobias and start being liked by women - Change your mindset [...]

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Matt Cook – Unlock Her Inner Animal

  Unleash the inner animal that’s inside her and watch’s how to let out her inner tigress and how you can cause her to lose all inhibitions towards you and with you • At last, women’s sex drive explained! Why does she “shut down” and how can you get her to open up and [...]

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Seduction MindHacks

  This video-based learning program is designed to show average guys how to use a series of loopholes in female psychology to meet, seduce, and have sex with hot women. It aims to show you how to have consistent success with hot women using a technique called mind hacking to make women attracted to you. [...]

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Jon Sinn – Fantastic Over 40

  Fantastic Over 40 : How to Regain Your Edge and Seduce Hot, Quality Women for Men Over 40 Congratulations on making the investment in yourself and your dating future. Fantastic over 40 is LITERALLY going to change your life. Video 01: In this video we are going to -Talk about what to expect in [...]

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David DeAngelo – On Being a Man (Audio)

    The Secret Reason Some Men Have So Much Success With Women Without Even Trying… While Most Of Us Struggle And Fail No doubt about it: success with women is a complete mystery to some men… This is why – especially at this point in your life – if success with women is still [...]

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Derek Vitalio – Seduction Science Volumes 1, 2 & 3

    Derek Vitalio's book Seduction Science is a must for anyone who is serious about getting with and scoring with women. Seduction Science e-book series was that it's a very well rounded approach to seducing women. Seduction Science is just that the Science of Seduction and unlike some Seduction and Dating books Derek teaches [...]

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Dave Riker – Speed Seduction – Technical Manual

  Have you ever wished that Speed Seduction® was taught in a more structured way, piece by piece, subject by subject, in a way that allows you to really understand it, really KNOW it and really USE and APPLY it even better than before? Are you a technical professional? Maybe an engineer? Scientist? Accountant? Or [...]

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Bobby Rio – Testosteron Blueprint

  The Easiest Way to Increase Your Testosterone In The Fastest Time Possible... The “Testosterone Blueprint” by Bobby Rio offers men information about increasing their testosterone levels (T-levels). The program is based on activating 4 natural ‘testosterone triggers’ to improve your sex life: - Diet - Intense, unorthodox exercise - Supplements and vitamins - Lifestyle [...]

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Bobby Rio – Make Her Beg You To Bang Her

  Hey, I'm Bobby Rio and I'd like to share with you a very simple 3 step system that flips the "sexual switch" in a woman's brain, and gets her desperate to go home with you. In this guide you're going to learn a simple 3 step system for taking a conversation from "platonic" to [...]

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