Charles Black – Dirty Talk Mastery

  The Only book You Need BEFORE You Open Your Mouth In Bed Let me be upfront with you: I wrote this book for my own selfish needs… which, to my amusement, happen to be serving your greedy heart too. As a result, this is a “no holds barred” book on the subject of dirty [...]

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Girls on Demand – Andrew Ryan

    Andrew Ryan is going to teach you in this video course everything he knows, that he has been using for the last 5-6 years to meet and attract as many girls as he has had time for, online through messaging and texting on dating apps. How this works Andrew is going to - [...]

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Snapchat Seduction – Brock Robinson

    Have you ever had a girl ignore your text? Have you ever had things “just fizzle out” with a girl that you liked? With so many options in the modern dating scene, keeping momentum is becoming more and more difficult. Traditional text messaging is no longer cutting it. So we need a new [...]

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Guide To Getting It On Unzipped – Paul Joannides

  From the author: When I started writing this book, the men who made Snapchat weren’t even born and the founders of Facebook were six years old. There was no texting, Google, Grindr, YouTube, or Amazon. Porn was mostly in magazines that you hid under your bed, and phones were wired to the wall. Scientists [...]

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Derek Rake – Black Book v4

    ATTRACT AND EMOTIONALLY ENSLAVE ANY WOMAN WITH FIVE "GENERATION 2.0" SHOGUN METHOD TACTICS AND SHOGUN SEQUENCES Volume 4 Is The "Next Generation" Of Shogun Method Black Books, Containing Handpicked Tactics That We Have Rigorously Tested In The Derek Rake Insider Labs For Maximum Effectiveness WHAT'S INSIDE SHOGUN METHOD BLACK BOOK VOLUME 4 MODULE [...]

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Exceptional Man – Andrew Ryan

      Exceptional Man – VIP Package Table of Content 01. The Ultimate Closer (1 Pdf) 02. The Hookup Blueprint (5 Audios) 03. The Strip Club Secrets (5 Videos, 1 Audio) 04. Superhuman Confidence (1 Audio, 1 Pdf) 05. Social Superstar (5 Audios) 06. 50 Irresisteble Openers (2 Pdfs) 07. Bedroom Rockstar (3 Videos) [...]

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Dean Cortez – Mastermind Club

    Welcome to the Mastermind Club, your ultimate resource for mastering every element of pickup, attraction, seduction and dating. Hey man, it’s your wingman Dean Cortez and I want to congratulate you on being one of those rare, badass dudes who TAKES ACTION. And if you don’t feel like a complete badass just yet, [...]

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Hypnotica – Collection of Confidence

  Very realistic, practical advice on how you can increase your confidence. Hypnotica has a lot of experience with both dating and self-help in general, and his knowledge is based on book learning as well as real-world experience. While the program is geared towards improving your success with women, it really is applicable to improving [...]

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How to Date Multiple Women Honestly & Ethically – Andrew Ryan

    Audioprogram SIZE: 101 MB   How to Date Multiple Women Honestly & Ethically - Andrew Ryan  Contents: Audio DOWNLOAD MediaFire:  DOWNLOAD Size: 101 MB Passwords: HERE

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66 Texts That Make Her Chase You for Sex – Andrew Ryan

    TURN HER ON AND MAKE HER CHASE YOU, almost every time you press the "send" button Here’s the deal… I've created a dating manual for men called: "66 TEXTS THAT MAKE HER CHASE YOU FOR SEX" However, it is NOT for everyone. It’s explicit, it's expensive, and it's only for men willing to [...]

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