Jack’s Blowjob Lessons

    Course for Women How Simply Mastering The Art of Blowjobs Makes Any Man Sexually Addicted To You Why Do Women Like You Praise My Blowjob Lessons? Easy, yet powerful blowjob techniques you can apply immediately. Written by "chauvinistic male pig" (NOT COSMO) who doesn't care about hurting your feelings. Eye-opening insights into the [...]

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Legendary Potency and Heat Yourself Hard – Scott Greene

  LEGENDARY POTENCY Having been banned by over three religious bodies for the spread of demonic ideas, the legendary potency revolves around the legendary natural impotence solutions used by most respectable rulers in the world's history. The read is ideal for individuals who have gone through medical prescriptions and supplements without much success in their [...]

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How To Have Sex – The Complete Sex Guide Package By Tom Anderson

  The Complete Sex Guide Package By Tom Anderson consists of four book Sex Decoded and Explained In the recent past, we guys thought it was difficult to get laid. We thought it was difficult to turn women on. And we thought it was difficult to satisfy women in bed. But that was the past. [...]

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Charles Black – The Don of Desire Method

  ​ She Begs ... Screams ... Curls Her Back ... And Has The Best ... Hardest ... Most Satisfying ... Most Intense Orgasm Ever ... Every Single Time! Discover how to have the best sex of your life - at any age - with the amazing secrets and discoveries in this completely new "Men [...]

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Hypnotica – Sexual Mastery Accelerator

  Take advantage of the power of deep, unconscious improvement, and get rapid, permanent & automatic results. This unique audio series will program your unconscious mind for sexual mastery, and make your transformation into a Modern Day Sexual Man faster, easier & more enjoyable than you can imagine. Release your inhibition and have more satisfying [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus 2nd Edition by Violet Blue

    How to Go Down on a Woman and Give Her Exquisite Pleasure Truly the bible of oral sex, The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus gives excellent advice, encouragement, and helpful instruction to those who want to expand their expertise or are simply curious about the art's finer points. In her clear, concise, and informative [...]

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Sex Games – Beverly Cummings

About the product In this mini version of The Sex Games Bible, the antidote to bedroom boredom, this petite guide will feature sensual images, giving you the perfect travelling companion to anyone wanting comprehensive sex games on the go The Sex Games mini book will revive a couple's sex life again or add to a [...]

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Oral Sex – Beverly Cummings

  Everything you need to know about 50 erotic oral sex positions in a quick-reference book! Hotter oral sex is right at your fingertips. While other books require you to learn an entire approach or set up a whole scenario, Oral Sex will let you take hot and scintillating techniques anywhere! Learn a great technique [...]

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What She Wants – Aubrey Allan

    Stop Listening to Your ‘Bro’ About What Drives Women Wild and What They Want… When it comes to sex, you want to listen to a females’ perspective. We know what we like, we know what makes our toes curl and we can tell you exactly what to do. We also know what we [...]

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269 Amazing Sex Games – Hugh de Beer

    Hugh de Beer, inventor of the popular Foreplay board game, offers couples a sexy variety of fun and games, including: -A week of orgasms -Orgasm express -The long, slow climb to climax -50 ways to feed your lover -20 red hot things to do with ice -So many kisses, so little time -Every [...]

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