Charisma School – Sexual Energy Mastery

  "If You Want To Have Sex, You Need To Be Sexual! Discover And Project Your Sexual Energy With a Groundbreaking New Training " Get Better, Bolder and more Sexual at your dating life by developing an Intense Sexual Magnetism! Until now, you couldn't discover and develop your sexual energy even if you wanted. There [...]

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Christian Gudnason – The Erection Master

    How To Use The Program Your erection dysfunction is curable. Majority of men who uses this program get back completely functional strong erection. It may not happen overnight, it may take weeks or even a few months to regain your old stamina. But if you're persistent and committed, then you'll be healed and [...]

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The Orgasm Bible – Susan Crain Bakos

  The Ultimate Guide to Great Orgasms! Everything that readers should know about orgasms is here, from the best ways to make one happen to the latest research that explains them. Sexy and instructive photography lead the reader on an authoritative journey through the world of ultimate pleasure. An orgasm is something to cultivate, and [...]

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Gabrielle Moore – Boobgasms

      Secret Techniques to awaken her Breasts Orgasmic Potential! Section 1 - Introduction to Breast Orgasms The Science that links Breast Arousal in the Brain What happens when Breasts are sexually stimulated? Breast and Nipple Orgasms Section 2 - Breast Play Techniques Getting Started Sensate Play and Exploring Sensations Erotic Breast Massage for [...]

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Tina Robbins – Orgasm in 5 Minutes

    What exactly does the feminine orgasm consist of? Can all women have them? What techniques and postures are the most appropriate to attain one? Are all women multiorgasmic? Although the female orgasm still provokes doubts and misunderstandings, with the appropriate information, it can be converted to something more simple and natural (and above [...]

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Gabrielle Moore – Naked U – Season 2 and 3

    Season 2 – Great Sex Over 40 Unbreakable Erections You can have amazing erections that feel larger and harder inside your woman and give her unbelievable pleasure and arousal. Bigger and Deeper Tricks and positions for giving her deep pleasure, no matter what size you are The Alpha Lover How to be the [...]

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Ali Adler – How to Fck a Woman

    Brazen, uproarious, slyly prescriptive, and always entertaining, Ali Adler is a sex and relationship guru who knows what women want. As a lesbian, she has both the equipment and the experience to give straight men (and the women who love them) advice about how to get more sex and do it well. In [...]

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Christian McQueen – How To Fck Like A Pornstar (ebook)

    Gentlemen, welcome to one of the most important blog posts you’ll ever read. All of the effort you’ve put out in developing your Game comes down to one final aspect: can you fuck her so good, that she’ll keep coming back for more? If you’ve had any doubts about your sexual prowess, this [...]

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John Gray – Secrets to Great Sex

    John Gray explains different ways for achieving the ultimate sex connection with your partner. Secrets to Great Sex teaches you how to initiate sex in ways that assure that both your sexual needs and your partner's needs are satisfied Throughout this informative and entertaining seminar, John Gray explains the psychological and physical differences [...]

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BeOrgasmic – Be Orgasmic

      Here is just a small sample of some of the spectacular products you will receive “Be Orgasmic Tantra” an explanation of what our style of Tantra is, how it works and benefits you can expect from it, based on our and other’s personal experiences.  We discuss the origins, philosophy, and practices of [...]

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