Instant Influence

Hidden Persuaders at Light Speed

Working With Human Nature to Gain Compliance in Selling, Marketing, Business and Personal Relationships…Instantly!

On 9 CDs you can listen again and again to burn these new concepts, freshly tested, scientifically validated and immediately applicable.

Changing Minds with New Mental Technology is now required. This is that Mental Technology.

If you remotely wonder if that statement is correct, think about all of the money major corporations spent on advertising, marketing, promotion,sales; and they are now bankrupt.

Supposedly the best brains in the business have been paid billions to grow their conglomerates. But all the money in the world can’t bring in new customers if you can’t pierce the veil of the todays mind.

Getting people to “yes,” has never been more difficult in your lifetime than it is in these days. It’s going to be more difficult as people’s innate defense  mechanisms create a shell around their decision making faculty.

Delay, wait, “not yet”, being careful, and all of the other “tomorrow” messages are emanating from all directions.

I tried to fit this on 8 CD’s so it would fit the containers we…invested in. 🙂

No luck.

This is a lot of information and it just got a little bigger than I guessed.

How “good” is this program?

It’s on a par with my best work.

No one else has this information except, now… you.

Instant Influence: Hidden Persuaders at Light Speed

CD 1 Magic of Instant Influence

Track 1 10:04 Why are most people impotent at influence?

Track 2 09:57 How Their Mood Affects Their Buying Choice

Track 3 10:02 Non-Subliminal Primes

Track 4 10:02 The Dying Sales & Marketing Strategy

Track 5 09:57 The *New* Magic Words of Persuasion: Do You Know Them?

Track 6 16:00 Assignation of Meaning

CD 2 The “Pros” Make These Mistakes

Track 1 10:00 Will Logic Overcome?

Track 2 10:06 Did You Make These Influence Mistakes?

Track 3 10:02 The Influence of *Your* Friends

Track 4 09:57 Group Opinion

Track 5 09:58 Three Psychological Doors Proven to Enter Their Mind

Track 6 08:39 Convenience Vs. Cost

CD 3 The Little Things That *Really* Mean A Lot


Track 1 09:58 Peripheral Cues

Track 2 10:01 Familiarity

Track 3 10:06 Nonconscious Responses

Track 4 10:04 How Social Norms Influence

Track 5 10:02 Little Things Change Big Behaviors

Track 6 10:12 Words Cost Billions …or not

CD 4 You: “Live” in Person

Track 1 09:58 Setting the Stage for Influence

Track 2 10:08 Behind the Scenes

Track 3 09:56 Hemispheric Visual & Auditory

Track 4 10:01 Future Biography & Crowd Observation

Track 5 10:09 Distinctions in Image Creation – Men / Women

Track 6 10:32 Bonus Material: The 859 and 501 Tactics

CD 5 Digging Around in Their Head

Track 1 09:53 Cognitive Dissonance Behavioral Technique

Track 2 10:03 Your Goal in Getting Them to Yes

Track 3 10:02 Conscious and Nonconscious Mind Reading Techniques

Track 4 10:03 People Want to Buy From _____

Track 5 10:00 The Instant Influence Sequence

Track 6 11:50 Mind Reading 101 and Beyond

CD 6 The Grand Strategy


Track 1 09:56 Your Goal is to _____

Track 2 10:03 Action ===> Attitude

Track 3 10:03 People Like to Buy

Track 4 09:58 Five Ways to Get Their Attention

Track 5 10:00 Digging Deeper into Feelings, Emotions, Passions

Track 6 07:43 Designing Your Product/Brand

Track 7 04:59 Getting Them to Change / Building Your Message

CD 7 Prime Motivators & Instant Influence Techniques

Track 1 09:52 Negative Emotions are Prime Motivators

Track 2 09:58 Concepts for Instant Application

Track 3 10:15 They Are Experiencing Fear, Don’t Pop The Balloon

Track 4 09:53 Completely Quell Their Resistance

Track 5 10:04 The Expert vs. The Non Expert

Track 6 07:20 The Best Techniques of Instant Influence # 1-6

Track 7 05:11 The Seventh Technique #7

CD 8 The Best Techniques of Instant Influence

Track 1 09:59 Techniques of Instant Influence # 8 – 15

Track 2 09:59 Techniques of Instant Influence # 16 – 23

Track 3 10:06 Techniques of Instant Influence # 24 – 27

Track 4 09:59 Techniques of Instant Influence # 28 – 34

Track 5 10:09 Techniques of Instant Influence # 35 – 39

Track 6 07:49 Techniques of Instant Influence # 40

Track 7 04:41 Bonus: Hypnotic Language Pattern: Tested and Found



CD 9 Know the Reasons People Buy

Track 1 10:03 The Power of “Thinking Without Thinking”

Track 2 10:00 Personal Identification

Track 3 10:01 But, What if They Dislike You or Your Product?

Track 4 09:55 Seven Instant Influence Tactics That Really Work

Track 5 10:01 What Motivates Them to Buy?

Track 6 07:11 People Buy Because of Presentation.

If that doesn’t make you hungry for Instant Influence….

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