The Best Product For Harnessing Your Inner Game, Applying it in the Field, and Expanding it to the Rest of Your Life


“What does inner game look like?”

…is a question that you will never have to ask yourself again.

When you dial in the expression of your inner game, your outer game is taken care of.

You will know exactly what it is, what it looks like, what it feels like, and exactly what you need to do to perform at the highest level, both internally, and externally – at all times.

BOSS is an all-in-one package – packed with potent pickup principles, inspiring fundamental truths of self-development, and infield that plays out like a full-fledged motion picture right in front of you (complete with crystal-clear, in-depth breakdowns).

BOSS is wrapped into an easily-digestible, instantly implementable format. All of the content is structured with action-taking in mind, and presented to you in a way that you can understand, implement, and benefit from IMMEDIATELY.

BOSS is a tool that you will be able to implement over and over again as you move through life. It’s a hero’s journey in a box, and it will work for you day in and day out as you go on your journey. Getting the women is only the beginning. BOSS will push you above and beyond your original perception game, and bring you closer to your seat of power as a man.

Inside BOSS, we’re not just going to scratch the surface, we are going to dive deep into concepts that affect every area of your life, so you can an in-depth understanding and internalization of the core concepts, the intricacies, and the implementation.


BOSS will install PRIMAL INSTINCTS deep into your subconscious mind, giving you subliminal control over every single aspect of game.

Inner Game is having the RIGHT RESPONSE to EVERY SITUATION. With BOSS, you will do the RIGHT THING, at the RIGHT TIME, EVERY TIME.


BOSS will cover all of the different “angles” of being a man – from Lifestyle & Quality, to Fashion, Health, Networking, and of course – how to get the hottest women around.

Being a man isn’t just about the women, but the women you keep in your life are a reflection of the type of man that you are – with BOSS, you will be able to surround yourself not with just quantity – but with quality.


BOSS will load you with the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success, and empathy is the key for 9 and 10 game – once you understand her world, she will come into your world instantaneously.

When it comes to BOSS, it’s like this:

There is no such thing as “imaginary success”, or “abstract action-taking”.

You either do it, or you don’t.

You either get results, or you don’t.

You either get the girl, or you don’t.

Stop lying to yourself, stop settling, and stop wasting time.



33 MP4 Videos

01. Training

01. Introduction – An Ordinary World

02. The Call to Adventure

03. What to Do When You Run Out of Things to Say

04. Meeting with the Mentor – My Story

05. Meeting with the Mentor – Awareness 1

06. Meeting with the Mentor –  Awareness 2

07. Meeting with the Mentor – Awareness 3

08. Meeting with the Mentor – Kill The Boy

09. Meeting with the Mentor – Truth

02. Character

10. Beliefs

11. Value

12. Standards

13. Honor

14. Ambition

15. Ideas, Execution

16. Obstacles Immunity

17. Boss Booklist

18.  Rebirth – The Reward

03. Missions – The Hero is Tested

19. Meditate on The Dance Floor

20. Side Walk Line

04. Experiences

21. Volunteer 2 Times per Month

05. Boss PickUp

22. Character Based Pickup

23. What Pickup Is To Me

06. Opening

24. Social Awareness

25. 5 Feet Before You Meet

26. Tonight Show Analogy

27. Be The Street Sweeper Of Game

28. Written On Her Face

29. You Are A Story

07. Technical Mechanics

30. 3 Laws To Sound Cool

31. Intents and Fatigues

32. The Drug Of Validation And Approval

33. Value Slap

SIZE: 5,3 GB


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