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Who would deny themselves a lifetime of happiness and success? And who would deny other people that same joy of self-realization? This is why the Tad James Co. exists – to instill in NLP practitioners and NLP coaches the shared principles of greatness, motivation and unending possibility. All you have to do is approach NLP Trainings with the willingness to learn, and the willingness to pass on that valuable knowledge to other people. If you are serious about becoming more powerful, self-confident, self-assured and finding out the surest, safest way to create abundance in your life, then the NLP trainings offered by the Tad James and Adriana James are for you. Don’t hesitate at the opportunity to realize your fullest potential.

* The quickest way to understanding the changes in society and the world around you.
* Why people think and behave the way they do.
* Valuable and deep improvements in your career planning, leadership, coaching and management potential.
* How to achieve most dramatic gains in your lifestyle & work style in an unique and highly effective way.

This 6 DVD set is THE journey and the path to real individual evolution – a process of self-discovery.

A LIVE recording of the Values section as taught by Drs. Tad James and Adriana James in our FasTrak NLP Master Practitioner seminar.

For anyone interested in finding out HOW people think – not only for NLP-ers.

A great tool for the deepest insight in the human behavior…

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Tad James , Adriana James – Values –  NLP Master Practitioner Training Contents: Videos


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